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The Think and Grow Rich Workbook

by Pat O’Bryan and Dr. Joe Vitale

From the e-desk of Pat O’Bryan, author of Your Portable Empire—How To Make Money Anywhere Doing What You Love.

Dear Friend,

Have you read the Think and Grow Rich book? Not exactly a revolutionary find – Napoleon Hill sold MILLIONS of copies of this book over the years so, chances are, you have probably heard of it.

If not, then here is what you must know about this best seller. Andrew Carnegie the infamous Steel Baron and Billionaire (who is compared to the modern day Billion Dollar Man – Mr. Bill Gates) hired Napoleon Hill to work for him for FREE. Napoleon Hill was to interview Andrew Carnegie along with 503 other highly successful businessmen in search of the formula to success.

A formula that could be repeated time and time again without fail.

A formula that HAS produced many millionaires since this book was first published in 1937. Napoleon Hill interviewed great business leaders such as:

Just to name a few…

The ensuing interviews took Hill many years (20???) to compile, many continents to visit and many captivating stories to listen to. The result of those interviews was his incredibly successful Law of Success manual and blueprint to create any amount of wealth you could possible desire. Based on real formulas and step-by-step procedures that he discovered while interviewing these highly successful men.

Most successful people have read this book at least once. Some read it dozens or hundreds of times.

They testify that just reading the book, and learning the concepts it contains, programs their minds for success. You can't argue with success, right?

I know that it worked for me. When I first started my Internet Marketing journey, back in 2004, Joe Vitale gave me a copy of the book, and I read it several times.

The problem: the original book is a long, tedious read.

The solution: The Think and Grow Rich Workbook.

I originally created this workbook as a study guide for myself. I still go back to it when I need inspiration and clarity.

Dr. Joe Vitale and I have distilled this amazing book down to the bare essentials. You still get all the wealth-building concepts, but they're in an easy to read format. After each chapter, there are some review questions to hammer home the important ideas.

Thousands of people have already downloaded this success course, and are using it to program their minds for wealth attraction. Now, it's your turn.

I recommend the book, of course. However, these are busy times and we all have to deal with information overload. The absolute quickest and easiest way to get the “gold” from Think and Grow Rich (the book that makes millionaires) is by using this short, simple workbook.

And it's free!

Just fill in your (first) name and email address, and you’ll be directed at the speed of light to the workbook.

Pat O’Bryan

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